Bespoke Business Toolkit

This is an ongoing project to develop a bespoke set of tools to assist our client with their common business activities. The toolkit is built using web technology so it is available to our client from any connected location.

The features developed so far include:

  • Automated newsletter generator – allows the client to quickly produce great looking HTML newsletters based on the products from their eCommerce store
  • Stock purchasing analyser – analyses complex stock data with a single click! This helps our client to make informed buying decsisions
  • Product grabber – allows the client to easily find images and details about their products
  • Label maker – a facility to quickly make and print sheets of labels for use in the production facility
  • Report generator – we’ve created bespoke reports to give our client a visual snapshot of their business

These features are all underpinned by a sophisticated custom built user and permissions system so that all staff can be given access to the system without compromising sensitive data.