Multi-Channel eCommerce System

Our client had sold on eBay for many years, having grown from a small seller into a successful seller processing hundreds of orders per day.

They approached us for help in 2013 as their order processing and product listing systems were beginning to show the strain and this was preventing them from further growing their business.

The problems were two fold: product listing/inventory control, and sales order processing.

Firstly they found that as they added new sales channels they had to list and maintain all their products on each new channel. They just about managed to maintain their existing listings on eBay, but they knew they didn’t have the capacity to do the same for Amazon, and their own websites. And even if they did manage to list everything, how would they keep stock levels in synchronisation across every channel? What about keeping product descriptions, images, and prices in synch? It would be a nightmare! This is a common situation and one that you may well recognise.

Secondly, with each new sales channel came a whole new way to process orders. They had previously only processed eBay orders which they did through the eBay website, but how would they process orders efficiently from multiple different channels? They didn’t want to have to implement different processes for each channel as it would be impossible to manage.

We worked with the client to fully understand their current processes and identify their requirements. Using our knowledge and experience we proposed a new system for them and then helped to implement this system into their workflow. We were very hands-on during this process, working every day with the client and their staff in a phased and managed process to implement the new system.

The outcome has been a resounding success. The client has not only increased their sales channels but they have done so while actually reducing their staff time and resource costs. This has allowed those resources to be redeployed to other operations within the business.

If you are an on-line seller looking to grow your business, or need help making efficiency improvements in your sales processes then give us a call today for a no obligation chat about your requirements.